About us

We are on a mission to build the most creative, artistic, and unique inventory of 3D assets. Our designs should add creativity to your work and wow your clients & customers. We intend to build a comprehensive and varied inventory of stock graphic assets. We also provide custom services in 3D creative work. Our team of 3D artists can build very high quality & visually appealing 3D assets and visualiztions. We deliver extraordinary results within the given time frame and budget.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest and creative designs. 

Vinod Doshi

Vinod is founder and CEO of Imagistack Software. Vinod has 19+ years of experience in Software Industry. He has worked with Microsoft, Amazon, Symantec, Adobe, Quickoffice(acquired by Google). Vinod has worked in leadership roles and also has experience in business development. Vinod has done a B.E. Mechanical Engineering from Pune University and M.S. Computer Science from University of New Mexico, USA.

Immanuel L. Zote

Immanuel is a Lead 3D Artist at Imagistack.
He leads the 3D production tech teams at Imagistack. Immanuel has in depth knowledge of 3D as well as graphic design technologies. He is a gifted artist with an aptitude for creating visually appealing and 3d visualizations. Immanuel has worked for 4+ years in creative industry. Immanuel has a B.C.A and a MA in Multimedia.

Tenzin Gelek

Tenzin leads the 3D services vertical at Imagistack Software. Tenzin is born to do 3D animation work. He is a very talented and passionate 3D Artist and has a broad experience in 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation. At Imagistack Software, he leads the 3D services vertical covering gamut of 3D related sevices. Tenzin has a B.Sc in Animation.

Ganesh Bulange

Ganesh leads the project management at Imagistack Software. He manages the project and delivery schedules for all projects at Imagistack. He also works with metrics and creates visual dashboards for the executive team. Ganesh has studied for B.E. in Electronics Engineering from Pune University. He also has a B.A. in Hindi Literature from YCMOU University.

Focus on Creativity

We have a creative work culture and we value innovation & creativity. We strive towards have beautiful, visually appealing creative 3D assets and visualizations.

Our Values

  • Integrity, Honesty & Transparency
  • High Quality & Customer Obsession
  • Passion for Tech & Fanatic Learning
  • Problem Solving & Self Reliance
  • Compassion & Trust

Custom Services

Apart from 3D assets, we provide custom services in graphic design. We have a breadth and depth of skills in graphic design work. More details on our custom services page.

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